Facilitation helps make differences
a reason to help rather than to fight.

What’s Unique About the KOOFA Initiative:

The Initiative, a facilitation training, was designed and launched 11 years ago by Koo Facilitation Group as a pioneering comprehensive program led by the visionary Koo, a former government officer turned world-class facilitator and consultant.

Since its nascent stages, the program has sought to address a gap in the professional development sector: A dire need for clear, horizontal, prejudice-free communication and mutual understanding. It thus aimed to equip individuals with the skills necessary for effective facilitation and instill a human-centered approach and mindset transformation among its participants.

The programme was born out of a desire to transform the art of facilitation and organizational development, combining the precision of modern techniques with the timeless wisdom of Old Oriental philosophies.

The journey began in Seoul, South Korea, a city that perfectly encapsulates the fusion of tradition and modernity, making it an ideal backdrop for such a transformative experience.

Expected Outcome:

Participants can expect to see changes in their competencies and attitudes. At the organizational level, they shall become promoters of a virtuous cycle of interpersonal wealth and improved work performance within the organization through the spread of acquired competencies as we help them realize the hidden greatness in them.

Skill Up

Improve interaction skills, facilitate strategic thinking, acquire the tools for designing workshops, and leading participatory decision-making.


Embracing the human-centered philosophy of facilitation and the core values of participation, neutrality, trust and empowerment

Enhanced Capability

Capacity-building in promoting learning, virtuous cycles of communication, and performances, as well as free expression and collaborative decision-making.

Expert Facilitation Team:

Over the years, the Koo Facilitation Group has meticulously honed the program, integrating IAF values and leveraging the diverse backgrounds of its facilitation team.

The team comprises Koo, with over 30 years of facilitation and consulting experience; Boris, a former African diplomat turned OD and leadership consultant; Elin, a seasoned facilitator known for her innovative approaches; and Gordon, a British CEO and talent acquisition expert.

This eclectic mix of facilitators brought a wealth of knowledge, cultural diversity, and a broad spectrum of life experiences to the program, enriching the learning journey for all participants.

Main Facilitator

Giewook Richard Koo
CEO, OD Consultant, CPF


Boris Ondo
Global TFT Leader


Bo-Young Han

OD Consultant, CF


Gordon Dudley
CEO of RDI Worldwide

Endorsement and Awards:

The program quickly gained recognition for its excellence in facilitation, earning endorsements from the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and accolades from industry leaders. Its unique blend of interactive sessions, incorporation of world-class content, and focus on mindset transformation set a new standard in the field of facilitation training.

IAF Endorsed™ Comprehensive Programmes

A ‘comprehensive’ programme covers all six IAF Core Competencies, and is intended for new facilitators, people who want to strengthen their facilitation knowledge and skills, as well as people who would like to become an IAF CertifiedTM Professional Facilitator.

Koo Facilitation Group: Initiative

2015 IAF Gold Award for Performance in Facilitation

Experience and Consistency:

Year after year, the program attracted professionals from across various industries, growing a vibrant community of over 4,000 alumni who have gone on to apply these transformative skills in their respective fields.

Influential Guest Speakers and Attendees:

These alumni, along with influential guest speakers and attendees, including the IAF Chair, have contributed to the program's prestige, making it a sought-after experience for anyone looking to enhance their facilitation and organizational development skills.

Seoul, South-Korea

Cultural Tour Arrangement Offer

Training Host city as An International Hub & Dynamic City of Inspiration:

As the program marks its 11th year, it opens its doors to a global audience for the first time, offering an English edition in Seoul. This expansion is a testament to the program's enduring impact and its universal appeal.

Participants now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a learning experience that transcends geographical boundaries, supported by the dynamic city of Seoul's inspirational backdrop.

This story of growth, innovation, and transformation continues to unfold, inviting professionals from around the world to join a journey that promises not just skill enhancement but a profound personal and professional metamorphosis.

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