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Expert Facilitation Team

Giewook Richard Koo

Lead Facilitator & Organization Development Expert 

Founder & CEO at KOO Facilitation Group [KOOFA]

Richard Koo, the “Contextualizer”, is the esteemed founder and CEO of KOO Facilitation Group [KOOFA] and a leading light in the world of facilitation and organizational development in Korea. With over 30 years of experience helping transform organizations and groups and training facilitators, Richard is a certified professional facilitator and a pioneer in Korea who views facilitation as a transformative movement. 

He developed the Initiative Facilitation Comprehensive Training in 2011, and since then, it has been endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), won many awards, and trained more than 4,000 people from various industries and backgrounds. He has consulted thousands of Korean and global organizations and corporations and coached many executives.  

Richard has authored three influential books on Organization Development and Facilitation, designed many tools and frameworks, led numerous workshops, and held key roles in renowned organizations, including the Social Innovation Policy Council and the Korea Facilitator Association.

As the expert lead of our upcoming international facilitation workshop, Richard brings his wealth of knowledge, innovative approach, fervent passion for facilitation, and unique touch of oriental philosophical approach. 

This workshop promises to be an enlightening experience, offering insights into the art and science of facilitation that Richard has mastered over his distinguished career. 

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn from a visionary leader committed to empowering individuals and transforming organizations worldwide.

Boris Ondo


Member of the International Association of Facilitation [IAF],

& KOO Facilitation Group Global TFT Manager

Originally from Gabon, central Africa, Boris ONDO, the “Purpose-Ignitor and Culture Navigator,” is a Facilitative Leadership specialist and a keynote speaker in charge of KOO Facilitation Group’s global business development. 

Before joining KOOFA, Boris accumulated six years of diplomatic experience as an attaché at the Gabonese Embassy in Korea.

He first traveled to Korea in 2011, being awarded the prestigious Korean Government Scholarship to study Political Science and Diplomacy. He completed the “Young Diplomat” training at the Malaysia Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR). He was granted the “Global Ambassadors” Scholarship to complete an MPM with a concentration in Global Politics from the KDI School of Public Policy and Management. Before starting his career in diplomacy, Boris interned at the Korean National Assembly and briefly worked for a Korean Development consulting firm. 

He fluently speaks five languages, including English, French, and Korean. 

His background, combined with extensive training and experience in global affairs, equips him with unparalleled skills in negotiation, cross-cultural communication, and conflict resolution. These competencies, essential for effective facilitation, uniquely position him as an exemplary facilitator for our program, enable him to navigate the complexities of international settings and diverse participant groups with ease, and ensure that regardless of their background, all participants feel valued and understood, facilitating a richer learning experience.

Our participants can look forward to an enriching experience that enhances their facilitation skills and broadens their global perspective and intercultural competence.

Bo-Young Han [Elin]


Certified Facilitator

& Lead Consultant at KOO Facilitator Group [KOOFA]

Elin Han, the “Inclusionist,” is a certified facilitator and an Organizational Development Lead Consultant at KOO Facilitator Group. 

She is also a member of the KOOFA Global TFT. 

Elin has been fascinated with facilitation since her university years, during which she earned several awards in the field. 

She developed a considerable interest in global issues, a passion highlighted by her success in English Parliamentary Debate championships throughout her undergraduate period. 

After graduating with honors in Political Science and Diplomacy, she pursued a meaningful and rewarding 9-year career in Multinational corporations and Korean conglomerates, including CJ Group, before joining KOOFA. 

Elin has global facilitation experience that includes impactful projects with multinationals like LG Energy Solution, KIA, and MET Life, where she contributed to fostering collaborative environments and driving international projects. 

She’s currently enrolled in Korea University Graduate School, deepening and honing her knowledge and skills in Psychological Science Convergence, addressing DE&I challenges through facilitation in both global and Korean contexts.

Elin eagerly looks forward to connecting with each participant in the training to help them explore and experience the transformative power of facilitation. 

Our participants can look forward to an enriching three-day journey.

Gordon Dudley


Founder & CEO at RDI

Gordon Dudley is the Founder and CEO of RDI, a Global Talent Acquisition and Management Firm headquartered in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul. 

He is a dynamic British leader whose story reflects a blend of global perspectives and strategic leadership from a journey that spans continents - from the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States to the vibrant land of Korea.

He's been in Korea for 13 years and has had a great career.

From getting his MBA from one of the SKYs, Korea's Top universities, Gordon spent four years in a key role at a Korean conglomerate before he embarked on his venture starting RDI.

For the past seven years, as the foreign founder and CEO in Korea, he's been rewriting a thriving company's leadership rules.

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